About us

Kaunas disabled Youth day centre was established on the 3rd of March 1997 on the initiative of the Society for Care of Disabled Children (now: Society for Care of the Disabled since Childhood).

The Centre invited its first visitors in 1998 after partial tailoring of rooms to the needs of the disabled in former day nursery at 15 Danų Str.

Kaunas disabled Youth day centre participated in the sponsorship contest of projects for the development of social services infrastructure that was announced in 1998 by the Ministry of Social Care and Labour; its project won sponsorship and financing from EC Social Development Fund and from the budget of the Republic ofLithuania.

The Centre got the real finance for the implementation of the project in 2001: EC SocialDevelopment Fund allocated 2.4 million LTL for Centre renovation, KaunasCity Municipality gave 250,000 LTL for adjusting the environment, installing the recreation zone and the sports-ground. Ministry of Social Care and Labour provided the Centre with furniture and equipment.

The institution began its activity on the 3rd of October 2002 after the reconstruction.

Kaunas disabled Youth day centre became a methodological centre in 2004. Since then, in addition to employment activity it has been holding training for social workers where they can acquire theoretical and practical competences necessary for their work with the disabled.

Kaunas disabled Youth day centre opened the Department of Social Services for people with psychical disabilities in 2006.

The Centre established self-sustaining living home for people with disabilities in 2007. It started to implement the program of home readjustment for people with disabilities in Kaunas City.

THE MAIN PURPOSE of Kaunas centre for disabled young people (below – Centre) is to integrate the disabled into the society by giving social service for people older than 18 with physical, mental, psychical and complex disability.


  • To create conditions for integration of the disabled into the society inKaunas;
  • To meet the psychological, social and cultural needs of the disabled according to the opportunities of the Centre and provide information;
  • To solicit in defense of the interests of our clients and their human dignity;
  • To provide severely handicapped clients of the Centre with temporary lodging in cases of illness or indispensable departure of their parents or other caregivers;
  • To evaluate the need for tailoring the dwelling to the disabled;
  • To develop or compensate the client’s competences to take care of their personal life and to participate in public life by providing common social services.
  • To organize cultural, entertaining events and to visit them, to organize excursions, to integrate the disabled into the society in public cultural activity.
  • To organize training of necessary skills of the disabled in the work busyness (work therapy) – minor repair of compensational mechanisms and rummage, work on the computer;
  • To train artistic skills – of singing, applied dancing, performance, textile, ceramics, wood work, art (art therapy).


They are people from 18 years of age (in exceptional cases – from 17 y. o. a.) with physical, mental or psychic disability or complex physical and mental disability to whom:

  • Severe, average or light disability is established;
  • 0-25%, 30-55% or 60-100% work capacity is established.