Who can attend Kaunas disabled Youth day centre

The recipients of the service are people from 18 years of age (in exceptional cases – from 17 y. o. a.) with disability.

The documents to be provided:

  1. Application.
  2. Copy of passport / personal identity card.
  3. Copy of certificate of disability.
  4. Copy of the counterfoil of the certificate of disability / copy of the certificate of work capacity level and deduction concerning work character and conditions.
  5. Extract from medical history (form 027/a).
  6. Certificate about the income per the last three months / certificate about the composition of the family and the certificates about the income of the family members (if the person is under age).
  7. Copy of the decision of circuit court (if the person is declared legally incapable).
  8. Written agreement (if the person does not lay claims to exemptions).
  9. Certificate about the person’s declared place of residence.

Who can live at self-sustaining living home?

The recipients of the service are residents of Kaunas City with physical disability of second group (30-55% work capacity) or of third group (60-100% work capacity) who have not got a permanent place of residence.

The documents to be provided:

  • Copy of the certificate of a disabled person;
  • Certificate about the disability issued by the Commission of Medical Social Expertise and its copy
  • Certificate issued by a health care establishment (Form 027/a) together with the report of Medical Consultation Commission;
  • Certificate of death or divorce of the closest relatives (spouse, children, parents) and its copy;
  • Conclusions or decisions by other specialists: Children Rights Protection Service, pedagogical psychological service, educational establishment, etc. (if necessary);
  • Other documents on the Commission’s demand.